Powerful video analytics

Clear, actionable metrics that help you track, measure and optimize video.

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Powerful video analytics

See and compare how videos are performing on the web and across social in a single place.

  • Study overall video trends, or deep dive into specific videos.
  • Explore plays, loads, play-through, drop-off and load to play conversion rates.
  • Segment data by video type, channel, tags, device, location & sources.

Plays & total plays

The number of times that a video was played, and the aggregate number of plays a video received across all channels.

Engagement Minutes

The number of minutes that customers watched your videos whilst actively being engaged, this allows you understand the quality of your video.

The playback funnel

Video is a journey; understand which path your customers follow. Do they watch the video in full, or do they drop off before completion? If so, where?

Viewer-based tracking

Our strong cookie captures information about every video seen by every user. When a viewer registers with a collector, we automatically match this information to the viewer’s profile.
This information can then be exported to or combined with analytics, automation, email marketing or CRM data via our two-way integrations.

Actionable insights

Our algorithm creates simple, actionable recommendations based on best-practise and real viewer data, ensuring that you get the most out of your videos.

Generate more views, improve search rankings and customer engagement.
Updates occur in real-time, automatically updating embeds on your site & across the web.

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