TwentyThree™ is a SaaS company focused on making great tools for visual sharing on the web. In the space of visual sharing, online video has changed everything within the last two years, which is why we recently launched our breakthrough video marketing platform, the first integrated platform that lets you run video everywhere, bringing video into the marketing stack.   With over a million videos on our platform, 1 billion plays, and offices in San Francisco & Copenhagen; we are growing quickly and on the hunt for the right people to join our team.

What we are passionate about

We’re passionate about building the best video marketing platform for our customers. Regardless of our role in the company, we are all responsible for creating the worlds best product.

We challenge the world to reinvent everything we do with video, and there is nothing better than seeing this come alive. It makes our day to see a customer use our product in a new and innovative way.

Some things we take for granted

We’re dedicated to working hard to be the best at what we do. We demand a lot of ourselves and expect the same from you.

We like to react fast to the challenges that we see; prototype a solution, test, repeat, and improve. This way of working requires a certain kind of mindset; self-driven, self-navigating, someone who takes action and follows through.

You’ll need to thrive in a hasty, action-oriented and (slightly) chaotic environment where ideas are generated faster than you can finish a double espresso. We take for granted that you want to develop yourself and your skills while being here, and we have a talent development programme to support it. But the initiative to make the most out of it, will have to come from you.

What we are looking for

We’re looking for curiosity and ownership, you are likely to be someone who takes the initiative when you see something that annoys you, even if it means learning a new skill.  You’ll need to have a proven track record in the field you want to explore, and a deep understanding of the SaaS landscape.

Current openings

We’re in the midst of an exciting growth phase, and are looking to bring people in across all teams; marketing, biz dev, customers, product, operations, enterprise & engineering. Read more about our current openings HERE

If you don’t spot a position that suits your profile at the moment, we’re always eager to hear from talented people who could see themselves working for TwentyThree.

For general applications please reach out to along with your resume and let us know how you picture yourself contribute to building TwentyThree.