of all leads came through TwentyThree video forms


leads generated through video forms


Investment in new video production


Videos watched per lead

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Universal Robots, a revolutionary Danish-based startup, produces and manufactures robot arms that “are advanced tools that can be used by all levels of production staff to help increase productivity, reduce injury and boost morale.”

Naturally, with such an innovative product, video is a large part of the marketing strategy for Universal Robots. Not only are product videos and customer case studies vital to sharing the message and success of the various robot arms, but Universal Robots used TwentyThree’s video marketing platform to generate thousands of leads

Now we can actually measure and we can lead score on engagement, and we can capture the contact details from the [video] viewers, within that first month, we saw that 50% of all contacts generated came from TwentyThree & HubSpot video collectors.

Christian Johansen

Digital Marketing Specialist

Universal Robots’ use the TwentyThree video marketing platform to distribute their videos across the various channels that marketers share video, but their video strategy revolves around engaging video content on their website that can be tracked and measured.

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Part of the reason that we started to create video in the first place was the support the customer journey. Video is a very powerful tool, so we created product videos, we created education videos and put them on YouTube and it’s been embedded on our own website. We promote it through Facebook, we cut it in bits and pieces and put it on Twitter, and Instagram and all sorts of place, but our main use is on the website, that is the main focus.

Christian Johansen

Digital Marketing Specialist
at Universal Robots