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Themes in TwentyThree

TwentyThree is built to make it easy to create beautiful web pages around your video content. This includes navigation, efficient search, intriguing thumbnails, responsive layouts and inviting community tools are all imperative for successful content platforms—and we call it themes.

Each design works seamlessly across devices and can be easily adapted for your brand by picking the right colours, fonts and graphics. All themes are based on specific user needs, including:
- Content Marketing: Designed for pushing content and highlighting related videos.
- Community Video site: Open uploads, ratings and comments ideal for user generated competitions.
- Internal Video Portal: Secure and simple - with comments and conversations.
- Portfolio: Making sure your work is the focus, and the experience is seamless.

Picking a theme

Out of the box, TwentyThree comes with a number of immersive yet functional responsive designs and when you first set up TwentyThree, you will be asked to select a theme for your video site. You can change your theme at any time simply by resetting or selecting a new theme.

Simply go to Inbound → Select theme. Here you can select from a number of different designs:
- Ruby Tuesday for creating a beautiful showcase: A contemporary theme which puts your videos at the forefront. Perfect for showing off your products or your portfolio.
- Street Fighting Man for competitions and marketing: Easily branded - providing an awesome marketing solution. Designed with competitions in mind, this theme emphasises user generated content through open upload, but can be customised for any marketing use case.
- Satisfaction is the industry standard: Utilising common design patterns and de-facto standards, Satisfaction gives users a platform they instantly understand, leaving them free to explore.
- Start Me Up for keeping it simple and functional: Simple set up with formidable potential. An elegant yet familiar theme that promotes ease of use while pushing user engagement. A great base from which you can start building your video site.
- Developer Theme, a blank slate: A completely clean, fluid theme for you to build and style your video website from the scratch. It's the choice for fully integrate your video website's design with your organization's existing design.

Customizing a theme

You can customize the presentation of a theme, having it fit your brand design. Simply go to Inbound → Customize Theme to edit the standard options available for the selected theme. Read more about customizing a theme.

If you want to push things further - all the themes can be adapted by moving and adding layout blocks. Each theme comes with a set of already activated layout blocks suitable for that specific theme. But if you wish to add, move or remove certain layout blocks or this is possible as well. Read more about the TwentyThree Layout blocks.

Backing up

When you select a theme, parts of your existing design configuration will be overwritten, so you might want to make a backup before continuing.

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