Audience & Connect

Introduction to Audience & Connect

The Audience feature gives you an overview of all of your unique viewers – how many videos they've seen, when they were last seen, minutes of engagement and much more. All unique viewers have the potential to turn into high quality leads by becoming identified. For this purpose you can use Collectors to identify unique viewers and feed this data into your marketing stack – or have your existing leads fed into TwentyThree from another product in your marketing toolbox.

Converting leads in TwentyThree

From the Audience tab you can follow your viewers, see how identified viewers were converted, their engagement and so on – to familiarize yourself with Audience we suggest that you read our Getting to know the Audience overview article.

As a digital marketer you want to track the behaviour of your viewers/visitors in order to move them into your sales funnel, as well as reach them with intelligent remarketing. 

You can use a collector to ask for information to show a video. By this you collect valuable information about your viewers and thereby turn your viewers into real people. And by collecting information about your viewers you can convert them into leads in your sales funnel.

To learn how to setup collectors and read more about the individual options available visit Converting leads with Collectors.

Connecting TwentyThree to your marketing tools

Connecting your different tools in your marketing stack can really help you do intelligent lead generation and build your marketing strategy on data.

Connect allows you to connect to a variety of external tools and services covering all of the most common products in the marketing toolbox:

Below you'll find a list of our most used integrations with a step by step guide on how to setup each integration.



Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Adobe Analytics



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