Working with live and events

Production settings

Configure live flow

You can control exactly when a video stream can be seen by viewers by setting it to Live or not. This is extremely useful if you want to test a stream ahead of time -- and then make it open to the public just before an event begins. Here you have two options:

Set up recording

TwentyThree can record livestreams directly to your video archive. Working with recordings helps you get the videos published quickly and can even save time on post-production as recordings can easily be cut. Read more about how to record a livestream here.

Catch-up viewing

Catch-up viewing (or DVR) makes it possible for users to jump back on the timeline during a live broadcast. For example, by watching the event from the beginning – even if they were 20 minutes late to the start. This option is great for most purposes. However, please note that there can be a viewer delay which can make comments and questions unwieldy.

You should also note that DVR may make parts of the broadcast available from before the event was live. Define whether or not DVR should be activated.

Location test

Test your network and stream quality to verify network conditions ahead of your broadcast. Simply click "Run the network test" to start testing. Or send a link to someone else for testing on location. Read more about the network test here.

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