Cookies and Cookie Policy

The TwentyThree platform uses cookies for three different purposes: We use system cookies to balance traffic and optimize performance. We use cookies to improve the accuracy of Analytics data. Specifically, a session cookie is used to detect when multiple parts of the same video are watched. Analytics is reported by user device and location, but all data in Analytics is aggregated and anonymous. Also session cookies are used to record traffic referral. We use persistent cookies to handle access for account administrators and to track individual viewer patterns in Audience.

In accordance with the TwentyThree Terms of Service, the platform is hosted on behalf of our customers. This means that customers are the publishers of both content and cookies, which in turn means that all cookies used by the platform are to be considered first-party cookies. Cookies are never shared across customer accounts.

Both system and session cookies are deleted or timed out when the user leaves your site. This limited use seem to make system cookies exempt from informed consent by EU law. Both sessions cookies for Analytics and the cookies used to handle administrator login may or may not fall into this category. Persistent cookies for Audience tracking require informed consent.

Overview of cookies

ad_session_id: A system cookie used for traffic balancing. The cookie will time out shortly after the user session ends.

uuid: A session-type cookie storing an anonymous identifier for the visitor. The cookie is used by Analytics to make play and engagement tracking more accurate. This cookie can be disabled by changing the cookie policy on the account.

_visual_swf_referer and session_referer: Two session cookies used for referral traffic in Analytics. This will store the website address that referred traffic to the video player.

[site-id]_u + [site-id]_p: Persistent tracking cookies used for profile tracking. The first cookie stores a unique identifier for the viewer. The second cookie remember which properties the viewer has submitted through collectors. These cookies can be disabled by changing the cookie policy on the account.

ad_user_login: A persistent cookie issued to editors and administrators during login.

Controlling cookie usage

TwentyThree lets you control which cookies are issued by the platform—and how they are used. By limiting cookie usage you may be able to avoid cookie warnings to users within the European Union.

Cookie control has two different options:

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