Setting the language and timezone of your video website

TwentyThree comes in a range of different languages, and as the owner of a video website you can easily switch between these. When you choose a language, all text in the interface of your video site's backend will be shown in that language, and some of the layout blocks in your site's design will also change to show the right translation (e.g. headlines).

You can change the language of your video website by going to "Settings" → "Language and timezone". Here, you can choose a number of different languages from the dropdown menu—remember to click "Save settings" once you have chosen the desired language.

Below the language option you can specify what timezone you want your video site to belong to and how dates and times should be formatted. This option affects how dates and times are shown in the frontend of your video site, e.g. when showing a video's time of upload, and it enables the analytics section to present data to you in a timezone and format that is relevant to you.

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