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Creating podcasts in TwentyThree

With TwentyThree you can create your own podcasts feeds – both audio and video – letting you manage your podcast content directly from the platform.

Getting Started

Before getting started we suggest that you create a new category for your podcast and upload a few episodes to this category. These can either by video or audio files.

Once you've created your category and published one or more videos in this category you're ready to create the podcast feed.

To setup your podcast feed, go to Inbound → Manage Podcasts and ensure that ‘Enable podcasting' is set to ‘Yes'.

If you have a dedicated category for your podcast episodes, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the category from the dropdown menu. Then fill out the required fields with information about your podcast.

Podcast setup overview

Note that most podcast directories will not accept your podcast if these fields are left empty – specifically we advise you to upload a site icon / podcast thumbnail that is at least 1500x1500. Otherwise iTunes and other directories will not approve your podcast feed.

Retrieving your podcast feed URL

Once you've configured your podcast in TwentyThree you'll be able to use your podcast URL and submit it to podcast directories such as iTunes, Google Play, Pocket Cast etc.

Both video and audio podcasts are supported.

If you're doing a video podcast, the feed URL will be:

If you're doing an audio podcast the feed URL will be:

If your podcast is not based on a specific category but consists of all of your published content the feed URL will be: OR

Before you try to submit your podcast to iTunes etc we recommend that you use a podcast feed validator such as to validate that your podcast feed is configured correctly.

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