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Uploading Assets to TwentyThree

The TwentyThree platform allows you to customize the branding of the content you publish by uploading your own thumbnails, play buttons, email headers and so much more. Here is a helpful guide for best practices to ensure that your content looks the best it can.

Website Icon

Your website icon is a square icon used on your site and mobile applications.


You can upload your logo and for example display it in your players.

Play Buttons

You can upload a branded play button to use on your different players


You can make your content stand out even more by uploading a custom thumbnail.

Live Event Preview

You can customize the branding for your upcoming live event by uploading a hero image.

Webinar Page

You can customize the branding for your upcoming webinar by uploading a hero image.

Email Header

You can customize your outgoing emails, sent for example in relation to webinars, with a header image.

Speaker Image

You can customize how you present your speakers by uploading an image of them for the registration page as well as the webinar room.

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