How to customize webinar pages

Now that you know how to get started with webinars, you can go ahead and customize both the registration page and the actual webinar room.

Customize registration page

The registration page is where visitors will be able to learn more about the webinar and sign up if they want to attend it. Just click on the Registration Page button in the header section of the webinar overview page to customize.


Webinar name, description and hero image

In the content tab you can adjust the name, description and hero image of your registration page – just like in the webinar overview screen. This time, however, you can see the changes you make real time.

Make sure to choose an engaging hero image that illustrates what the webinar is about. Add a description with some background information on the topic. It's also a good idea to summarize what the attendee will learn during the event.


In the design tab you can add logos, font and colors, to make sure that they match your brand.

Logo, mail header and play icon

Upload your logo for the navigation bar of your webinar. Add mail header image to be displayed on all outgoing emails you send. You can also upload your own branded play icon, for all on demand videos.

Font and colors

Choose a font that matches your brand and select a body font to be displayed across the site. Also make sure to select your primary and secondary brand colors, to match the feel of your organization's identity.

Customize webinar room

The webinar room is the space where the actual webinar takes place. Fifteen minutes before the event, your registrants will be able to enter the waiting room. Here they will see a countdown, information and speakers, and will be able to submit questions. Below we show you how you can change and test these things.

Chat & questions: Audience can chat, ask questions and publish recordings automatically

The chat allows you and all attendees to communicate in real time. All attendees will also be able to submit questions, which only the producer and speakers will be able to see.

Test speakers, chat and questions

Test out the info, speaker, chat and questions section for yourself! Is there anything you want to change? Just go back to the content tab and adjust the description, or brand colors.

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