How to evaluate a webinar

After your webinar is before the next webinar! What you want to do at this stage is to evaluate your webinar, looking at analytics and attendance to learn for the next one.

Also, some people might have missed your webinar or would like to rewatch part of it. Now you can set the webinar to be available on demand and you can even prepare clips to showcase shorter sections of the event.

Watch webinar

You will notice that on the webinar overview screen the Enter Room button will have changed into a Watch Webinar button. Here you will be able to watch the recording of the event yourself.

On demand

At this stage you can also determine if you want the webinar recording to be available on demand also for all registrants.

Webinar recording and clips from webinar

On the overview page you will also see the link to the on demand recording for all registrants. You'll be able to edit the recording and prepare clips.


This section provides an overview of all questions and the people that asked them. It's a good idea to individually follow up with them – they tend to be the most engaged leads.

Evaluate Analytics

After the webinar you should evaluate the event to learn for the next webinar. The analytics dashboards will help you comprehend the performance of your webinar.

Total overview

Use this dashboard to understand how engaging your webinar was. The Conversion Rate shows you how many page views converted into registrants. The Attendance Rate reflects how many of these registrants actually showed up.

You will also be able to able to see what percentage of Conversion, Average and Total engagement came from the live or on demand webinar.

Live overview

In the live overview you can gain a closer understanding of the engagement during the webinar. The graph shows you how many people were watching the webinar at any given time.

On demand overview

In the on demand overview you can learn how the webinar recording performs over time in terms of engagement. Here the dashboard shows how the number of views developed since the end of the webinar.

Funnel and audience breakdown

The funnel gives you a quick visualization of the Conversion and Attendance Rate to see how effective you were in promoting the event.

From the audience breakdown you can learn to what extend you were able to attract new leads and first time viewers, and how strong the quality of your current lead base is.

Engagement and return on investment

In the engagement board you can quickly see how many incoming messages and questions you received. The return on investment tile showcases the ROI for each lead you generated with this webinar.

Companies and registration by source

Next to individual leads you also want to find out which companies these people represent. Registration by source allows you to understand how people found your webinar.

Attendance by locations and device

Here you can find out from where the audience attended the webinar and which device they used. These insights you can use to further optimize your next webinar.


Ultimately, you can see how this webinar performed in comparison with your previous webinars. Was this the 1st best performing webinar? Great! Think about why you were able to attract a lot of viewers before the event and why the webinar itself was so engaging.

Review attendance

An important part of running a successful webinar is that people actually show up and attend. To learn from that, you should take a look at the attendance to understand who signed up, who showed, and who did not. In this section you can also export each list for further analysis.


Here you can see each individual that registered for the webinar, including the company they represent, as well as their engagement. You'll be able to follow individual leads to receive notifications on their video watch behavior.


Here you can see everyone who watched the event live.


And here you see everyone who signed up, but did not attend.

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