Improve Your Marketing Data by 50%

The TwentyThree-HubSpot integration gives marketers more leads and better data through the most comprehensive connection on the market.


Historically, video and marketing automation have been two separate entities, but with the TwentyThree-HubSpot integration, marketers can now convert video viewers into leads through native video players, lead score them based on video engagement, identify existing HubSpot contacts who engage with video, and automate video behaviors through an innovative HubSpot integration.

Two-Way Sync

A deep integration ensures that viewer activity is tracked within
HubSpot from the very first second. TwentyThree syncs data using the HubSpot‘s tracking cookie, giving you the most accurate engagement data possible.

Real-time Video Heatmaps and Conversion Details

50% of all marketing data comes from video engagement, and
with TwentyThree - HubSpot, marketers can now view all their users video behavior inside of HubSpot contact cards. This data can also be used to lead score and automate nurture workflows.

Email Video Previews

Animated thumbnails increase click-through-rates by as much as
62%. With TwentyThree, marketers can directly embed trackable
animated thumbnails or GIFs into their HubSpot nurture campaigns
and workflows.

"Now we can actually measure and we can lead score on engagement, and we can capture the contact details from the (video) viewers. Within that first month, we saw that 50% of all contacts generated came from TwentyThree & HubSpot video collectors"

Christian Johansen, Digital Marketing Specialist at Universal Robots

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