Inbound and Trial Manager

Do you want to be a part of revolutionizing the video marketing world as our new inbound and trial manager

Why TwentyThree?

The era of video has categorically changed businesses.

Video is the best way to tell stories and connect with customers. At TwentyThree, we empower marketing teams to finally integrate and add video to their marketing stack to successfully run video with inbound, social, and demand generation.

The world’s best marketers need a video marketing platform to make better-informed decisions about video across the entire marketing funnel. Thousands of marketers are using TwentyThree to significantly increase their results and gain the missing 50% of website data through video marketing.

With more than 300 customers in 20+ countries, we are on a mission to categorically transform the way marketing video marketing campaigns are run.

The Job

You will join the Customer Success Team as Inbound Sales Manager to run our assisted SaaS model for Inside Sales. Your primary task will be to be at the receiving end of our inbound marketing funnel and make sure all MQLs are converted to potential customers. You will therefore work closely with the Marketing team and constantly be optimizing the conversion of MQLs to SQLs to active customers.

A key part of the role is to work very closely with our marketing team to ensure that MQL’s are qualified and that we create the right campaigns for getting trial requests. You will therefore continuously run new experiments and iterations on our campaigns and outreaches together with marketing to optimize the flow and conversion rates.

We believe in fast-tracking the potential customers on to a trial of the platform in order to get them onboard doing video marketing from the outset. You will therefore also run your own trials and do demos with customers. In this role you work as a Video Marketing Expert consulting and supporting the potential customers in getting ready to to do video marketing.


Ideally you have a few years of experience from a Sales or Customers Success team in a B2B segment. You enjoy sales and onboarding, running sales demos and pitches, and you will constantly push to improve the process. You understand the dynamics of MQL’s and SQL’s and have experience working with marketing automation systems and CRM’s like HubSpot.

Key skills