Convert More Viewers Into Customers

TwentyThree provides high-converting tools to deliver more value from video marketing.
Integrate with marketing automation solutions & tracking every viewer in real-time— you drive more effective conversations, create more targeted marketing efforts and ultimately generate more leads.

Track your audience in real time.

Capture viewer behavior and the full video journey.
Know exactly who’s watching, and what, and which videos are creating leads - in real time.

Detailed viewer profiles and heatmaps

Track plays with a heatmap for every video. Know where viewers paused, fast-forwarded, and replayed.

Get viewer notifications

Follow individual user profiles and get notified when they come back to watch videos or attend live events.

Create targeted lists and more effective campaigns

Search, filter, and browse through existing contacts and companies to guarantee you talk to the right audience.

Integrate with marketing automation software

Every lead's activity is synced to your marketing automation software—more accurate and robust scoring and no missed opportunities.

Easily create high-converting forms.

Grab your viewers’ attention at the right time using Collector forms and fill your pipeline with highly engaged leads.

Forms that drive conversion

Smart forms built to convert on every device. When a viewer converts the form will never show again.

Forms that become a part of the video experience

Form are built directly into the video playback so you can capture engaged viewers.

Forms for live events and webinars

One live platform to boost conversion rates for events and webinars up to 80%. No third-party plugins and no lost leads.

Forms that deliver 59% conversion rates

TwentyThree forms deliver an average conversion rate of 59%, and attribute leads to the right campaigns.

Smarter marketing with video marketing automation.

Use video data and conversion to build your marketing funnel.
Every engagement is scored and tracked, for more and better leads.

Every contact is counted

Every converted viewer shows up in your contact list, and every contact profile is fed with viewing information from video clips, live events, and webinars.

Segmenting, scoring and nurturing is easier

Every second of video watched is synced to your marketing automation system. Create campaigns based on lead score and segments from video behaviour.

Simple, seamless syncing

Make sure known leads will never be asked twice to convert. HubSpot and Marketo integrations are built to maximize contact information.

Bring live events and webinars back under your control

TwentyThree syncs every webinar signup, all attendance, and every second watched to your lead database—without spreadsheets.

Email plus video—for more opens and higher click-through.

Embed video clips directly into your emails, for more engaging communications and higher-performing campaigns.

Increase click-through rates by 62%

Video in mail boosts conversion by 62%. So we've made it easy to bring video into emails without image editors or custom templates.

Embed video in email, drive engagement

Create moving thumbnails in seconds that are easily embedded with an auto-generated link.

Works with your email marketing platform

TwentyThree works with your existing mail campaign tool. Create campaigns triggered off video behavior, target by video engagement.

Integrate it with your marketing stack. Make the most of your video investment

TwentyThree takes data integration seriously − so you can use our video marketing platform to make your existing tools more powerful and vice versa.

Connect to Web Analytics

Connect to Marketing Automation

Connect to Remarketing

Connect to Social Video

Connect to Your Data