Lead gen

Generate leads from your video content and automatically feed them into your sales pipeline.

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Generate lead not plays

The classic KPI for video content is the number of plays, but video marketers can now do so much more. Video marketing has moved from building reach & awareness to generating inbound traffic & leads.

Make every viewer count

TwentyThree combines the complete video marketing toolbox, with an in-browser editor and smart analytics, so digital marketers have everything they need to maximize performance.

  • Collect leads by creating customizable collectors and call to actions.
  • Make the most of every visitor by optimizing messaging and clip length on the fly.
  • Our strong cookie tracks plays everywhere the player goes, so you can retarget visitors that didn’t convert straight away to your CRM.

Leads collected

The new gold standard for video. Turn your inbound video into a sales pipeline, and send the leads direct to your CRM.

Engagement score

TwentyThree combines video activity to generate a single metric that shows how engaged a client is. The higher the number, the happier and more engaged the customer.

Time spent

The longer a client spends on your website the more likely they are to remember your brand, or buy something from you at a later date.


TwentyThree integrates with the tools that your marketing team already use, sending data directly into your favourite analytics, automation, email marketing, or CRM tool.

Wherever possible we’ve implemented two-way integration, pulling the data back from your third party provider and into TwentyThree. This means you can match video views to your existing customer data and make smarter decisions.

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