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TwentyThree, the first full Video Marketing Platform, revolutionises the way brands manage their video content, converts users into leads, and completes the missing half of overall marketing metrics by tracking all video engagement data.

Are your clients properly measuring, optimizing, and managing their video marketing campaigns?

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Why partner with TwentyThree?

At TwentyThree, we love our partners. And we’re always excited to get the most innovative marketing automation agencies involved in our partner program; as it allows us both to work in a more structured way together. As a partner, you’ll receive client strategy support, a dedicated partner success manager, access to the product lab and extensive training to ensure we get you up to video marketing expert level in no time. Once the joint marketing kicks off, the fun really begins.

For every partner tier we unlock a vast selection of targeted partner benefits, such as consulting in development of video marketing strategy proposals, joint webinars with a dedicated partner landing page and product strategy days in Copenhagen or San Francisco, to mention some. Increase turnover from your clients, adapt your business model to the world of inbound – and join the TwentyThree partner program today.

Joint Marketing

Up to $10k annually worth of products and marketing spend. For premium partners we double your marketing spend for every $ spent on joint marketing.


We provide the training necessary to get you up to speed, as well as client strategy support such as assistance in setting up video marketing strategy proposals.

With Days

Product and partner strategy days with the teams in Copenhagen/San Francisco, packed with workshops, roadmap sessions, dinner and more.

Specialist Support

Dedicated partner success manager and 24/7 support from our video marketing specialists.

Tiered Partner Program

For each client you bring in, unfold new benefits and a tailored growth package.

Product Roadmap

Early access to labs and preview features, product roadmap and feedback/ wishlist sessions.

Why TwentyThree?

TwentyThree offers a set of tools for marketers to take their video marketing beyond vanity metrics and manual processes. Whether that’s a robust integration with a marketing automation platform, the ability to distribute video content across all platforms, or a full toolbox equipped to improve, lead gen, email, and inbound marketing efforts and data, TwentyThree is a necessary tool for any marketing stack.

Run Your Video Everywhere

Upload once. Run everywhere. TwentyThree natively integrates with Facebook, YouTube Twitter, and offers a live video feature that allows brands to upload once and coordinate video campaigns from a single platform.


Innovative tools to help you build the best video experience – on your website, landing pages, email, and the rest of your web presence.

Lead Generation

Convert viewers into leads by using video forms and track viewers across all video content - including the identification of users already captured in marketing automation softwares - and apply engagement scores based on their behaviour.

Video Analytics

Track every interaction – inside of a marketing automation platforms – including lead source, engagement minutes, and session views to know how viewers engage with video at every stage of the funnel.