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Platform facts

  • Platform already used by 300 brands, startups and businesses globally.
  • Lead by an experienced team including CEO & Co-founder, Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, who previously built Podio (sold to Citrix).
  • TwentyThree has served over one billion video impressions to date.

Company facts

  • Founded by Thomas Madsen-Mygdal and Steffen Christensen.
  • Bootstrapped startup with organic-growth, no external funding.
  • Offices in San Francisco & Copenhagen.
  • 35 staff.

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Press information

Video is no longer about YouTube. Video is everywhere on the internet: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and increasingly marketers are bringing video back to their company’s website.

To stay in the game, companies need to engage their customers with video; creating compelling inbound video content and tailoring it for each distribution channel.

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A recent Nielsen study claims 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their content strategies in the near future. This requires a new set of skills and creates new challenges for the modern marketing team.

TwentyThree is way more than a video player. TwentyThree enables marketers to generate leads from inbound content, compare and optimize videos across platforms, share their content, and bring traffic to their websites.

TwentyThree is used by SMEs and global businesses (both B2B and B2C) to engage their customers and employees.

Industries include: automotive, consumer goods, finance & tech. Customers include: Audi, Carlsberg, SaxoBank, SimCorp, Spotify, Telia, Umbraco, and more.

Our customers can get up and running in as little as 24 hours, but we usually prefer to go slower.

During a typical onboarding process, we lead the customer through a series of interviews and workshops, specifying out their requirements and building a program of video marketing tutorials tailored to their business.

Our customers generally already use video in some shape or form, and our import feature lets our customers import evergreen videos back from their social channels and onto their website.

TwentyThree is priced at $699 a month, setup is $3000. The monthly license includes:

  • Unlimited users.
  • Unlimited videos.
  • 1TB bandwidth.
  • Premium support.

TwentyThree is an excellent number. Isn’t that enough?


Thomas Madsen-Mygdal

CEO & Co-founder

Thomas is the driving force behind TwentyThree, organically growing the business, and defining the overall vision. A designer, entrepreneur and tech-activist, Thomas previously has been behind Podio (acquired by Citrix) and the reboot festival.

Steffen Fagerström Christensen

CTO & Co-founder

Steffen is responsible for product & platform at TwentyThree, building a stable infrastructure that has served 1 billion video impressions to date. Creator of Resumable.JS, Steffen is a startup advisor and angel-investor. Steffen holds an Msc in Political Science.

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Correct usage: TwentyThree™, TwentyThree.

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