Native social integration

For the first time ever, businesses can now coordinate, manage, track and optimize their videos everywhere.

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Runs your video everywhere

TwentyThree runs your video everywhere, with natively integration for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more. For the first time ever your team can now coordinate, schedule, post, track and optimize your video across social media.

Upload once. Run everywhere.

TwentyThree natively integrates with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, so you can upload once and coordinate your video campaigns from a single platform.

  • Save time formatting for different channels.
  • Aggregate video stats without multiple logins.
  • Smoother, simpler workflow.

In-browser editing

Edit & trim video content quickly and simply with an in-browser editor that’s built for marketers.

Tailor content to the channel

Optimize and format your content for each channel. We’ll make sure your video is in a supported format and under the maximum lengt

Be in control

Simplify your workflow and bypass production companies and agencies, speeding up production & reducing costs.

Create quick cutdowns

Spin out new content, each with unique metadata & thumbnails, and boost search visibility.

Social analytics

See the performance of your videos across multiple social networks without multiple logins.

  • See aggregate statistics from across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
  • Quickly compare performance between channels.
  • Deep-dive into a specific video or channel with comprehensive video analytics.

Scheduled sharing

Post videos to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube directly from the TwentyThree platform.

  • Upload once, we’ll format your video for every channel.
  • Preview your posts in real time, or post to your test account.
  • Schedule future posts, and align with your team’s content calendar.
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